About Us


Thank you for visiting SEFOX.net  We would like to welcome you. Our family owned, Ankara based company has opened its doors for a first time as a small furniture factory under the name of ‘’Birlik Çelikler’’ in 1972.

Since 1972, Sefa Kimya, with futuristic investments and using its about more than 40 years of experience, has grew and become a well-known company in Turkey and about 60 countries in all over the world.

Sefa Kimya, besides producing foam adhesive as its #1 product in their 10,000m2 integrated facilities, also produces 15 different types of adhesives used in furniture, upholstery, shoe, construction and automotive industry.

Sefa Kimya has gained power, prestige and become a very strong brand in such a sort time with their quality and distictness.

Giving credits to Research and Development and being aware of the importance of investment for the future, Sefa Kimya has won Global Quality Management prize in France.

Today, Sefa Kimya exports their adhesives more than 60 countries all over the world.

As a company, our policy is that our customers should have the best products in a fast, easy and the most secure way.

Sefa Kimya will keep walking strongly and always listen their customer’s comments and answer their questions.

Besides having our headquarter in Ankara and office in Russia, we are working on opening new offices in other countries.



To be the first and the last producer  for the clients who look for the sponge adhesive  and to be  commemorate with regards.

We build a confidence atmophere to  our clients by giving them high class products  and  services.

We  regard to the expectation of our personal ,shareholders and providers.