Adhesive Solutions

How do I know which Adhesive to buy?

First question we need to ask is ‘’Do we have the right adhesive to bond the surfaces?’’ Finding out the strength of an adhesive is called as shear strength and best way to test the shear strength of an adhesive is applying a force along the bonding line. (using our hands and pulling bonded surfaces in oppsite ways) After the test, we can have an idea whether the adhesive we use is strong enough for the job or not.

Like everything else,adhesives are differentiate depends on the different surfaces they are used. Performance of an adhesive increase with its right application on the right surface.  We always keep in mind that there are different types of adhesives and they all are used on different surfaces due to the different jobs wanted from them.

Preparation of the Surfaces

After finding the right adhesive, What’s important is preparation of the surfaces in the right way. Most of the time,surfaces are covered with dust, Grease, dirt, oil, rust inhibitors and mold release agents. Even if these agents are at a microscopic level, they interfere with the adhesive doing its job. In fact, poor surface preparation is the #1 reason for bond failure. To avoid this kind of problem, we must pay attention the cleanliness of the surface.

Applying the Adhesive

What’s next afer preparation of the surface is applying an adhesive on a surface in the right way. Application of an adhesive is so essential to get the best results from an adhesive we use. Sefox adhesives are solvent based adhesives and applied on onl y one surface or double surface if desired. All solvent based adhesives must be applied in 30C degrees angle and the distance of 30cm from the surface which we want to bond.  Adhesive must be used along the bond ing line and also should be applied on whole surface. (For example; if we are bonding foam to foam or foam to felt, we should apply our adhesive along the bonding line. Also, spraying the adhesive ‘’S’’ shapes or circles on whole surface will give us the best and the strongest results.

 How to Store your SEFOX adhesive?

Storing your Sefox adhesive in a cool and dry storage place, keeping it away from the direct sunlight and heat over 22C degrees. Sefox has a 6 months of shelf life and keeping it away from the direct sunlight and heat over 22C degrees in your storage will prevenyt you experience any problems.

Our name is Our Guarantee

Purchasing our adhesive is the best business solution for your business needs and we always are behind of our products. Our name is our guarantee and we believe  preventing problems before tyhey ocur is the way of doing business.

If our product does not meet your needs for some reasons, we’ll do anything we can to help you solve the problems.